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Diversity in Action – #OpenJDK PowerPC ports proposed by SAP and IBM

Volker Simonis, from SAP, posted to the OpenJDK-Discuss mailing list yesterday a proposal to start a project for PowerPC ports (AIX/Linux) in OpenJDK, driven jointly with IBM.  I think the technical and community benefits of this are self evident – … Continue reading

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JavaOne Community Keynote CFP

The JavaOne 2012 Call For Papers is now open, through April 9, 2012.  Submit your papers now! If you saw the the closing keynote of 2011, you may recall that Sharat and I took the liberty of deciding on the … Continue reading

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EOL’ing a version of Java Is a Process, Not an Event

As the relatively “new guy” to the Java SE PM team, I’m still finding my way around and learning lots as we go through various milestones after the Java SE 7 launch, and move onwards to Java 8.  The recent … Continue reading

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Updated OpenJDK Trademark License

The OpenJDK Trademark License has been updated.  It adds JDK 7 and JDK 8 to the coverage.  A couple sections have also been expanded to help address some questions and scenarios from the community over the past couple years. Otherwise, … Continue reading

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Swapping the Java SE Eval License

At some point in the next week or two, we’re going to be changing the Java SE eval license (meaning, the license people accept prior to downloading beta/pre-production/early access builds of Oracle’s Java SE binaries) from this Oracle “pre production” … Continue reading

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OpenJDK Community TCK License for Java SE 7 Available

Apologies to those who had to wait patiently for this.  The OCTLA for Java SE 7 is now posted on the OpenJDK Legal page.  The version for Java SE 7 is fundamentally the same as was for Java SE 6 … Continue reading

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55 New Things in Java 7

At EclipseCon Europe 2011 today, I presented a talk highlighting 55 New Features in Java 7.  I proposed this session because of a good ribbing from some friends that “Java 7 only had a couple new things”, yet I know … Continue reading

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“Community” mea culpa

It is interesting how many people online purport to speak for the “Community,” almost as many as purport to speak for God. I find myself asking: how do they know? The open source “Community” is by definition diverse. It includes … Continue reading

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The Importance of Twitter’s Participation in OpenJDK

Twitter has announced they’ve signed the Contributor Agreement for OpenJDK and plan to be active participants.  Also, they announced that they’ve joined the JCP. As an ecosystem guy, I find the fact that Twitter signaled their participation to be very … Continue reading

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#javaone11 Live Poll Results

I thought I would quickly share the results of the live audience poll I ran during the Community Keynote this morning at JavaOne.  Thanks to everyone who voted!  Two quick analysis bits – I was surprised that only 9% of … Continue reading

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