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[off-topic] Open letter to 1997 Road Warrior Me

Dear me in 1997, You’re about to embark on a multi-decade journey involving millions of air miles and hundreds of nights on the road.  Here’s what you should know, from yourself, 15 years later after you’ve perfected some of the … Continue reading

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#OpenJDK interview in Java Magazine – direct link, no reg required.

I saw a few comments about the OpenJDK Interview I did in the most recent Java magazine, and some concern friends raised that it’s a “register to read” publication.  I highly recommend Java magazine to anyone in the Java Community, … Continue reading

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One year back at Oracle and my first year of #openjdk

Today marks the end of exactly one year since I started back at Oracle, working on OpenJDK and other things.  It’s been a heck of a year, and a lot has changed.  Many things I thought would be hard, turned … Continue reading

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Diversity in Action – #OpenJDK PowerPC ports proposed by SAP and IBM

Volker Simonis, from SAP, posted to the OpenJDK-Discuss mailing list yesterday a proposal to start a project for PowerPC ports (AIX/Linux) in OpenJDK, driven jointly with IBM.  I think the technical and community benefits of this are self evident – … Continue reading

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