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“Community” mea culpa

It is interesting how many people online purport to speak for the “Community,” almost as many as purport to speak for God. I find myself asking: how do they know? The open source “Community” is by definition diverse. It includes … Continue reading

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The Importance of Twitter’s Participation in OpenJDK

Twitter has announced they’ve signed the Contributor Agreement for OpenJDK and plan to be active participants.  Also, they announced that they’ve joined the JCP. As an ecosystem guy, I find the fact that Twitter signaled their participation to be very … Continue reading

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#javaone11 Live Poll Results

I thought I would quickly share the results of the live audience poll I ran during the Community Keynote this morning at JavaOne.  Thanks to everyone who voted!  Two quick analysis bits – I was surprised that only 9% of … Continue reading

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