Swapping the Java SE Eval License

At some point in the next week or two, we’re going to be changing the Java SE eval license (meaning, the license people accept prior to downloading beta/pre-production/early access builds of Oracle’s Java SE binaries) from this Oracle “pre production” license, to a standard OTN “Early Access” license.

We’d like to do this simply because it’s silly to have various licenses floating around that all basically say the same thing.  There’s no need for a vanity pre-production license.

I’ve stared at these two licenses until my eyes have bled, and can’t see any fundamental difference between the two.  They are both very restrictive (as you would expect in a pre-production / EA license), and both seem to cover the same highlights.  I’ve bounced it off a few people and there’s agreement that it’s not a big deal.

Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I thought I’d ask – if you’re a user of early builds of Java SE binaries, do you see any issues with making this switch that I can try to address in advance?

– Don


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5 Responses to Swapping the Java SE Eval License

  1. Given OpenJDK means there’s now the option of “rolling your own”, I suspect such changes will have less impact than they would have had years ago.

  2. John Yeary says:

    Why would we even need such a license. As Andrew noted, I can roll my own build without such restrictions. Shouldn’t we expect the same from a standard OpenJDK build? It has a license already why add FUD.

    • DonaldOJDK says:

      Sorry if I wasn’t clear, bu this has nothing to do with OpenJDK. This is wrt Oracle’s Java SE pre production binaries.

  3. Ronaldo Arrudas says:

    Hey, Donald.

    As an EA user since ‘Tiger’, I can’t see any big deal with this swapping.

    That’s it. Best regards!

    [edited typo on Ronaldo’s request]

  4. Bruno Souza says:

    I don’t see a reason why this would be an issue.

    Taking a look at the licenses, they are both extremely restrictive licenses, and as far as I can see, pretty equivalent. I think the OTN license being more explicit is a bit scarier, but both licenses come down to the same “evaluation” restriction: “Licensee have no right to use the Licensed Software for productive use.” and “You may not use the Programs for any production purposes”.

    So, as we say in Brazil, this is switching from 6 to half a dozen. And of course, those that really care will just try things out in OpenJDK.

    In any case, I’m making this comment for one reason: thank you. Thank you for explaining what will be done, and why. Helps a lot 🙂

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