JavaOne Community Keynote CFP

The JavaOne 2012 Call For Papers is now open, through April 9, 2012.  Submit your papers now!

If you saw the the closing keynote of 2011, you may recall that Sharat and I took the liberty of deciding on the spot that we would have an open call for a great community keynote.  That idea has been followed through, and you’ll notice in this years CFP:

  • Community Keynote: New for this year! A 60-minute keynote session showcasing an innovative and imaginative application of Java that demonstrates your cleverness and vision and that can spark the imagination of the larger Java community.

We need your help to find potential speakers, topics and fun things to include, and then submitting those ideas.  Let your imaginations run wild.  We have an hour set aside, but can be flexible with how things are structured within the hour.  Maybe we have some shorter keynotes on various topics, run with a theme, run some amazing demos, or perhaps we just find a single cool speaker and turn them loose for an hour.

YOU decide!

– Don


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