JavaOne Community Keynote 2013

The community keynote in 2011 was about the launch of Java 7, and reboot of the Java ecosystem.  We focused on the resurgence of interest in JUGS, highlighted new participants and updates in the JCP and OpenJDK communities, etc.  Last year (2012) was about innovation and execution – we highlighted Java’s importance in many hot technology segments like Cloud, Big Data, Embedded and highlighted it’s role in innovation in many Open Source communities.  For the most part, we highlighted ISVs, the people who work for ISVs, and all the cool things ISVs are doing.

This year we will take a step beyond that, and look at the role of Java beyond the ISV, while continuing to pay homage to its diversity.  We asked some of last years participants — “who is your coolest customer, and can they talk to us about how Java benefits them?”  For example, last year Cloudera helped praise the role of Java in “Big Data”, this year we will ask Opower how Java is saving energy grids Terrawatts through deep analysis of user habits.  Last year Perrone Robotics showed us some coolness around Java in embedded, this year we want to see hands-on how their work is helping IIHS build safer cars. 

It’s about how your work in the Java ecosystem is leading to amazing applications and end user benefits.

There’s still some opportunities to include content — if you have amazing end uses of Java technology, please drop me a line ASAP!

 – Don


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