The incredible Diversity of JavaOne

I’ve been trying to plan my week at JavaOne (coming up in 3 short weeks) and I’m having a real challenge.  As a relatively new Product Manager in the SE team, there’s absolutely no shortage of areas I could focus on.

One thing that has struck me from reading the program though, is the incredible diversity of the Java Ecosystem.  I always awed with it while I worked at Eclipse, but I see it even more so now that I have a broader scope.  For example, at JavaOne this year there are almost 200 different organizations represented from the very large IBM’s to the very small solo-consultant companies.  Within Oracle, we have representative from all the worldwide development labs and hubs including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.  You can expect as usual to see lots of talks from the VMware/IBM/RedHat’s of the Java ecosystem — but what sticks out to me is there’s lots of content coming from the SMB orgs like CloudBees, Avast and EngineYard.  I’m also pretty keen to see what the NFL has to say :).

– Don


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