Even Flow – Java Embedded at #JavaOne

As I mentioned back in the spring, one thing that surprised me about my first year in the Java organization is it’s breadth.  As a long time “enterprise Java guy”, I had underestimated the global and technological reach of Java – it really does gets crunched into the smallest of mem spaces, wrapped up and hurled around in all kinds of devices, machines and applications.

I think these stories and applications get lost in the “enterprise shuffle” at JavaOne.  So I’m glad this year we are embedding (pun intended) a sub-conference called “Java Embedded at JavaOne“.  It’s more business and strategy focused than you get at the main JavaOne – and it’s loaded with content from partners and ecosystem participants who are showing off some of their successes and use cases, and some glimpses at what’s possible with the emergence of M2M.  It’s only 2-days, and even gets you into the Pearl Jam concert 😉  

If you’re at all interested in this space, you should check out more details here.

 – Don


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