New Java 7 Summit To Be Held at EclipseCon Europe

Java 7 was formally launched on 7/7 and the full GA download should be available within the next couple of weeks.

The timing created a great opportunity for us to host a “Java 7 Summit” at EclipseCon Europe this fall (November 2-4), and I proud to say that I’ll be leading the summit program along with my colleague Martin Jaekle from SAP.  Our goal is to create three great days of content for those looking to learn more about not only Java 7, but also OpenJDK.

Attendees to the summit will be able to attend all of EclipseCon (and vice versa, of course).

The first step is to solicit great content, in a very short period of time!  The call for participation is only open until August 17th, so please propose your ideas today!

– Don


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